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  Stonewall Sahalee™ Block Wall System

• “Rough-Stone” texture on both opposite faces.

• Slot and Peg System in a 3 piece retaining wall system.

• Built-in Step Back System option built into design.

• Larger and smaller faces on each block allow for straight
spacer spaceror curved wall sections.

Sahalee_Block_Valley View Babtist Church_fire_pit
Sahalee_Block_Valley View Babtist Church
These blocks each have 2 different finish face sizes,
all are 6 inch tall
  Valley View Bible Church, courtyard seating and firepit.
Custom color mix used for this project

Smaller Faces ( back side in this photo )
4 in. wide spacer10 in. wide 14 in. wide



Shown at right, inserting pegs in
set-back position, as would be done
in some retaining wall installations
were the wall steps back with the
next course.

Pegs would be inserted in front positions
for a non-setback vertical surface.
(like wall shown at left)


Larger Faces ( front side in this photo )
spacer6 in. wide spacer12 in. wide spacer16 in. wide


Sahalee Wall Caps are sold by
the 10 section wide layer.

A layer consist of 5 full size caps
and 10 half depth caps.
Approx 13.33 ft finished length

Standard installations alternate full caps with sets of
two half caps


Caps are 16 inches wide
Full caps are 12 x 4 x 16 split both sides
Half caps are 6 x 4 x 16 split one side

3 stock colors:
spacerOnyxspacerWestern BrownspacerRustic Buff.

Straight walls are made by alternating the smaller and larger block faces.  



Stonewall Sahalee™ is licenced and manufactured by Western Block Company, Phoenix AZ.
Stonewall Sahalee is a trademark of WestBlock Systems, Tacoma WA-USA

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