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Veneer Pavers
These paver veneers are designed for patio and pool remodels.
"Need a new pool deck? Don't rip it out and put in the same old thing!
You can "Upscale your pool", while saving time and money on a pool remodel.
Paver copings and paver veneers will add their beauty to your environment.
Available in all four color blends, three paver sizes and coping for steps or pool edging.

"The paver colors add a more relaxing mood to yard and patio"

Hotels and Resorts
love our Veneer Pavers for short “out of service” pool closings,
and an improved appearance of their courtyard areas.



Above: Native Color Blend

Above: Territorial Color Blend

Above: Territorial Color Blend

Veveer Pavers and Coping are available in our 4 color blends.

5½ x 8¼ inches HOW WE DO IT
5½ x 5½ inches
Lower Profile Pavers

Lower profile to install over existing cement,
cool-decking, etc

Small veneer paver

5½ x 2 3/8

Veneer pavers are often different shades from
Regular pavers of the same color blend due
to differences in manufacturing processes.
We advise not to use the two thickness types
in the same project area.

4 x 9 w/4½ inch fall
Coping Paver, used around pool edge
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