Circle Kits and Antique Pavers 

Photograph of Phoenix Paver's Circle set paver with double Antique paver borders

Add these decorative elements.

 Aztec Stone Patio

Antique/Split Pavers

 Aztec Stone Patio

Antique Pavers

Antique Pavers add stong texture and color accents. They are factory split pavers. Nine pavers shown

 circleset and coping

4 foot Circle Kit

Photo of Standard Pavers

Expanded with  Standard Pavers

Antique style split paver_border color black

Antique Paver Border

Photo of Holland Pavers

Circle Kit, Slate w/borders

Product Specifications

Circle Kits 
Circle Kits provide gracefully curving elements and circles. 

Colors  All four colors blends 

Height: 60mm paver 
Kit diameter:
4’ diameter = 15 sqft

Extended diameters:
(Area = 3.14 x r2)
6’ diameter = 28 sqft
8’ diameter = 51 sqft
10’ diameter = 79 sqft
12’ diameter = 113 sqft

Antique Pavers
These rough split edged pavers create complimentary texture to project trims and detail work. 

Black only

Surface: 4⅛ x 3⅛ inches
Height: Variable due to splitting pavers.

Color Samples for Circle Kits

Photo of nine Pavers Territorial Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Native Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Tierra Norte Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Slate Color Sample

* Always make color selections by seeing actual paver samples.
Photographic representations are not exact match to product colors.