Standard Pavers, our biggest seller

Photograph of Phoenix Paver's Standard Pavers on contrasting patters from home entryway out to a 3 care parking area.

Traditional rounded edges 

 Circular Drive in front of Swiss Revival home. Standard Pavers in Tierra Norte blend and a flat brown border color

Standard,  Tierra Norte

Tierra Norte color blend with solid border
 Product photograph on light gray of 6x6 Standard paver

"Pillow-top" Profile

Standard Series Pavers Available in four sizes, sold individually. These 60mm pavers are offered in 4 color blends
 Home enterance and driveway in a pland-square grid design with centers comprised of

Standard, Territorial

Territorial color blend, herring-bone patterned squares of 2⅜ x 5½  inch pavers, and split paver borders
Photo of Standard Pavers

Standard, Tierra Norte

Studio photo on light gray background of the 4 standard paver sizes shown from overhead to show sizes in relation to each other

Standard Pavers
four sizes

Patio and pool sorround Standard Pavers,Native blend

Standard, Native
with coping

Standard Pavers Specifications

Standard Pavers
Value and flexibility make this series our biggest seller.
These four sizes fit together in multiple combinations.
Standard Pavers are palleted by size.

Colors: All four colors blends


Height: 2⅜ inches (60mm)
8¼ x 8¼ inches/  200 units* 100 SqFt
8¼ x 5½ inches / 320 units* 100 SqFt
5½ x 5½ inches / 480 units* 100 SqFt
Pallet Weight: 2750 lbs

2⅜ x 5½ inches / 480 units* 50 SqFt
Pallet Weight: 1400 lbs

*units per size on pallet

Paver Color Samples

Photo of nine Pavers Territorial Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Native Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Tierra Norte Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Slate Color Sample

* Always make color selections by seeing actual paver samples.
Photographic representations are not exact match to product colors.