Paver Selections 

Photograph of Phoenix Paver's Standard Pavers installed in mixed patterns in entry way and circular drive in front of southwestern adobe plastered home with three car garage

General use and specialty pavers 

PPM Standard style pavers layed out in a large semi-circlular driveway.
Townscape Pavers 3 size set random pattern in Slate color variation
Holland Pavers in Slate color blend layed out in an alternating patern of 2 paver vertical next to 2 pavers horizontal repeating and stagered by row, These pavers have flat tops and 45º cut edges
Aztec Pavers as a pool patio in slate. Aztec Stones are molded with sudo-stone rough finish
Vaner Paver set random pattern territorial blend, a warm brown color variation
A set of three Circle Kits expanded to larger size and connected with a double row of rough edged black cut pavers. Those rows are seperated by additional two rows of standard pavers. The imaged is cropped to show most of the large center circle and just a section on the adjoining cercles to the forground and background of the image.

Paver Color Samples

Photo of nine Pavers Territorial Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Native Color Sample.

Photo of nine Pavers Tierra Norte Color Sample

Photo of nine Pavers Slate Color Sample

* Always make color selections by seeing actual paver samples.
Photographic representations are not exact match to product colors.