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      45º MITER EDGE, 60MM THICK  

Entry atrium of yellow walled home paved with TownScape style pavers

x 8¼ inchesspacer x spacer x 2⅜
  The clean mitered frame of the Townscape Series™ Pavers provides a crisp
contrast to the stone facing.
The Native Color Blend matches tones of the wall for a warm inviting feel.
  Sold as a 3 piece combo  
  Supporting Strong Pattern Design      
  Phoenix Paver Mfg's TownScape style pavers  

Townscape Series™ Pavers
For flexible urban style layouts.
These 60mm pavers come in 3 pattern-fitting sizes.
Available in 4 color blends

At Left:
Detail of a parking area paved with TownScape Pavers


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